Partnerships and affiliations

Partnerships and affiliations

Constanta Port Operators Association has developed the following national and international partnerships and affiliations:


Romanian Federation of Air-Sea Owners’ Associations (FRPAN)

Is the representative organization on the air-sea activity level and the related activities thereof.
It represents and defends the rights and interests of its members in relation to public authorities, trade unions and other natural persons and/or legal entities and supports them in order to develop common technical, economic and personnel strategies, in order to perform profitable and sustainable activities.


Romanian Employers’ Confederation of Industry, Agriculture, Constructions and Services (CONPIROM)

It is constituted, according to the Law of Social Dialogue no. 62/2011, on the criterion of activity or territorial sectors and is formed by associative structures, organizations and employers’ federations. It currently has 22 affiliated Federations and Employers’ Associations, representing at least 7% of the number of employees in the national economy and territorial structures in 25 counties, which represents more than half plus one of Romania’s counties.
It promotes and defends the economic, technical, legal and social interests – general and common of its members. It militates for the observance of the legislation, the promotion of the professional ethics and of the norms of fair competition both in the activity and in the relations between its members, as well as in the relations with the other economic agents, with the state administration bodies and the other structures of the civil society.
The Confederation actively participates in all structures and at all levels of social dialogue and supports – with the experience, knowledge and information of its members – the elaboration of decisions and normative acts that interest the activity and smooth running of economic agents, industry, economy and society in general.


Pro Danube International

Pro Danube International operates as a network of private companies in order to promote a better infrastructure and services supporting a more intense ecological use of watercourses.
The association represents companies oriented towards the business potential of the Danube, in the political debate on the policy of transportation, transportation technology and regional development. The association does not aim to compensate or replicate existing initiatives, but wishes to integrate them and consolidate their activities.


The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC)


Founding member of the Constanta Port Foundation School, the only provider of training and professional qualification from Constanta Harbour since 1997.