United Shipping Agency S.R.L.

United Shipping Agency S.R.L.

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  • Representative: Jan Pols (General Manager)
  • Sole Registration Code: 4084594
  • Trade Register Number: J13/2810/1993

United Shipping Agency operates a modern and high-performance grains terminal, built in piers 31-32-33 of Constanța Port. With almost 3 million tons of grains operated by the terminal in 2013, United Shipping Agency recorded a quarter of all the grains traffic of Constanta Port.

The terminal is excellently located in Constanta Port – by itself an important European port for grains exports, connected to Pan-European transportation corridors: Corridor VII by Danube – Black Sea Canal, railway corridor no. IV and road corridor TRACECA.

Starting with the 2014-2015 season, the terminal will have an enhanced storage capacity of 250,00 tons, when the storage facility with a capacity of 50,000 tons becomes operational, which is currently under construction at pier 30-31, designed as an extension of the silo. With the Agigea terminal of pier 102, the total provided storage capacity exceeds 320,000 tons of grains and grit.

Designed for high productivity and maximum flexibility of operations, the terminal is capable of simultaneously operating three ships (out of which two Panamax ones) and can simultaneously receive and deliver commodities from and to any transportation means – trains, trucks, ships and barges. The terminal has 2 portals which load 1,200 tons an hour each, 5 quay cranes of 16 tons each, fitted with buckets, 3 unloading bunkers, automatic sampling stations, weighing / unloading ramps for trucks and train cars, high-capacity dryers for commodity conditioning. Temperature and ventilation control inside the silo cells ensures the best conditions for monitoring and preserving the quality of the commodities.

The terminal has the highest grains loading rates out of all the terminals from the Black Sea ports. The highest performance on a Panamax ship (101,652 tons DWT) was over 40,000 tons operated in 24 hours – commodities loaded from the silo.
Four floating cranes with mobility anywhere in Constanta Port ensure the direct transshipment of the bulk commodities from barges into sea ships, either separately or simultaneously with the operation from the silo. Five storage barges with a total capacity of 20,000 tons ensure operation flexibility by the possibility of temporarily storing and/or transferring commodities between the terminal and the ship to any operating pier from the port, depending on the requirements of the beneficiaries.

We provide to our clients complete solutions and professional services. We ensure the transportation of commodities by barges on the Danube to Constanta Port, the storage of commodities in the silo and then loading into ships or direct transshipment from barges with floating cranes, we provide ship management services and contract ships in order to transport grains to any sea port of the world, with unequaled performance and competitive prices.