Comvex S.A.

Comvex S.A.

Contact details

  • Incinta Port, Dana 80-84, 900900
  • Telephone: 0241 639016
  • Fax: 0241 639010
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Identification details

  • Representative: Viorel Panait
  • Sole Registration Code: 1909360
  • Trade Register Number: J13/622/1991

COMVEX was founded in 1991, and has since grown into the largest bulk raw material handling terminal in the Black Sea region. The terminal covers an area of 700,386 square meters in Constanţa Port, berths 80-84 with a total length of 1,400 m with depths from 12.5 m (berth 84) to 18.5 m (berth 80) and can accommodate capesize vessels.

The geographical position of the terminals makes it very easy to access the navigable network, such as the Danube-Black Sea-Danube-Rhine-Main Canal, which runs virtually throughout Europe.

COMVEX currently operates two terminals, one specialized in the unloading, storage and shipment of bulk solid goods such as iron ore, coal, bauxite, coke, clinker, being the only one in the Back Sea area where ships can be operated up to 220,000 dwt and the second is a cereal handling terminal with a capacity of 200,000 mt and also the fastest port terminal for handling grain in Europe.


The unloading equipment is the three unloading bridges with grabs, of 50 tf capacity each. These unloaders provide a discharge rate of 2,000 to/hour, which generate the daily unloading rate of up to 100,000 to/24 hours.


The terminal operates in a deep berth 80 having a total length of 400 m and it can provide ship loading rates of up to 72,000 to/24 hours.

Grains are unloaded from barges, railcars and trucks and loaded onto ships and trucks.

The unloading capacity rate is up to 3,200 mt/h and the loading capacity rate is up to 3,000 mt/h.

The layout of terminal equipment offers great flexibility in operation, the closed systems have the advantage of not allowing cargo loss (positive financial impact) and significantly increasing the level of safety in closed spaces, minimizing the risk of accidents.