Constanta Port

Constanta Port

The key moment which transformed Constanta Port into the “sea gate” of Romania, more than 10 years ago, was the moment when the port became operational, with customs facilities.

Constanta Port, the fourth-sized port in Europe, has an area of 3,926 hectares, out of which 1,313 hectares on land and 2,613 hectares on water, with developed length of the external perimeter area of over 30 kilometers between Constanta Municipality and South Agigea.

Constanta Port has an annual operation capacity of approximately 120 million ton, and operates 156 piers, out of which 140 are operational.

As it is located on the routes of 3 Pan-European transportation corridors which connect the North Sea to the Black Sea by the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, Constanta Port has an advantageous geographic position. The advantageous position is also confirmed by the major role it plays in the European inter-modal transportation network, as it is located at the intersection of the commercial routes which connect the markets of landlocked countries from Central and Eastern Europe to the Transcaucasia Region, Central Asia and the Orient.

As it is a sea, river and tourism port, it provides several advantages such as:

  • Multi-functional port with modern facilities and port dock water depths which are sufficient for mooring the largest ships which pass through the Suez Canal
  • Container distribution center to Black Sea ports
  • Modern facilities for passenger ships
  • Good connections to all means of transportation: railway, road, river, air and pipelines
  • Free area status, which allows the necessary general framework for facilitating foreign trade and cargo transit to / from Central and Eastern Europe.

Our goal as an organization, where 35 Constanta port operators operate, is to develop, increase the flow of commodities and use the capabilities of Constanta Port to the best of our abilities.