TTS Operator S.A.

TTS Operator S.A.

Contact details

  • Incinta Port Dig Nord Km 1+100, Clad. Adm. Parter, 900900
  • Telephone: 0241 601611
  • Fax: 0241 601622
  • Email:
  • Website:

Identification details

  • Representative: Iordan Barbalata  (General Director)
  • Sole Registration Code: 6919047
  • Trade Register Number: J13/5008/1994

SC TTS Operator Ltd, affiliates of the TTS SA , has as main activity, operation of ships, bulk goods, specializes in transshipment directly, providing adequate space dedicated to the operation and storage of grain bulk , and chemicals and fertilizers, phosphate bulk and urea phosphate and bulk minerals, coal, scrap metal etc.