Trading Line Fleet S.R.L.

Trading Line Fleet S.R.L.

Contact details

  • Str. Pictor Iosif Isser, Nr. 8 Bis, Camera 7, Galați
  • Telephone: 004 0336.601507
  • Fax: 004 0336 819311
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Identification details

  • Representantive: Paul Ivanov (General Manager)
  • Sole Registration Code: 23133308
  • Trade Register Number: J17/166/2008

Trading Line: Navigating Towards the Future of River Transport

As a Leader in River Transport Innovation, Trading Line is redefining logistics and river transport, focusing on efficiency, integrity, sustainability, with a special emphasis on developing transit traffic between Port of Constanța and all Danube ports.

Our Values:

  • Integrity: Through transparency and ethics in business practices, we offer a strategic partnership that builds trust in every sustainable collaboration.
  • Innovation: By adopting advanced technological solutions, including the implementation of 5G & Starlink technology for remote ship and crane control, Computer Vision assistance for optimizing operations.
  • Sustainability: By paying increased attention to operational methods and pursuing minimal environmental impact, with new ships having a low CO2 footprint.

Our Services:

Specializing in the river route Port of Constanța – Danube/Rhine, we offer:

  • Bulk and Liquid Cargo Transport: Expertly managing a variety of goods, ensuring their integrity and safety.
  • Customized Logistic Solutions: Developing innovative logistic strategies and careful planning for flawless execution tailored to each client’s specific challenges.
  • Containerized Transport: Providing superior container transport services, including the use of empty containers for cereal exports, and prioritizing the development of container transit traffic on new commercial routes.

Key Points:

  • Impressive Capacity: An extensive fleet with a capacity of 165,000 tons of dry bulk cargo and 40,000 tons of liquids.
  • Efficiency Optimization: Streamlining transport by increasing loading capacity and reducing transshipment costs, thus enhancing market agility and competitiveness.
  • Technological Innovation: Focusing on advanced data analysis for route optimization and delivery efficiency, process automation through loading simplification and efficient documentation management, sustainable navigation solutions promoting green technologies to reduce environmental impact.
  • Future Vision: Moving towards the implementation of remote piloting technologies for ships and cranes, including the use of 5G technology, anticipating a future where our operations will be even more efficient and secure, carried out from a command center.
  • Actively exploring the implementation of advanced remote piloting technologies for ships and cranes, including the integration of 5G technology, to facilitate a future where our operations will achieve higher levels of efficiency and security, centrally coordinated from a command center.

Explore the new era of river logistics with Trading Line, where we turn challenges into opportunities and demonstrate our commitment to excellence, leading partners to success in a dynamic business environment.