Frial S.A.

Frial S.A.

Contact details

  • Incinta Port, Dana 53, Constanta
  • Telephone: 0241 601922
  • Fax: 0241 601921
  • Email:
  • Website:

Identification details

  • Representative: Marcel Barna
  • Sole Registration Code: 1887971
  • Trade Register Number: J13 /624 /1991

Frial S.A. is a port operator with 40 years experience in operating and storing general commodities and vegetable oils.

Our operational experience is found today in the quality services provided to our clients at the two terminals, the one from Pier 53 – specialized in operating general commodities, and the one from Pier 19 – in which we operate liquid products (vegetable oil, liquid chemical fertilizers, etc.).

The terminal for general commodities from pier 53 increases the efficiency of the operational flow by:

  • locating the terminal in the vicinity of the operating pier and thus eliminating intermediary handling;
  • large storage area – 14,000 square meters, structured in 10 covered storage facilities, with a total capacity of 8,000 tons of commodities;
  • a storage platform of 4,250 square meters;
  • specialized equipment / machinery;
  • has 3 railway lines, as an alternative to railway transportation
  • own automotive scales inside the terminal.
The terminal for liquid products from pier 19 is the only terminal specialized in alimentary vegetable oils from Constanta Port, with 4 modern heated tanks, with a total storage capacity of 13,000 m3. The commodities are operated from/to the ship by pipelines from/to tanks or directly from/to motor or rail tankers, with a transfer rate of 140-200 tons an hour.

Pier 4 operates / stores liquid chemical products (UREAN) in 3 tanks fitted with a heating system, with the total storage capacity of 15,000 m3, and the tanks are connected to the terminal from pier 19 by a complex pipeline system.