Frial S.A.

Frial S.A.

Contact details

  • Incinta Port, Dana 53, Constanta
  • Telephone: 0241 601922
  • Fax: 0241 601921
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Identification details

  • Representative: Marcel Barna
  • Sole Registration Code: 1887971
  • Trade Register Number: J13 /624 /1991

FRIAL SA – Five decades of experience in port operations 

Due to its location, our Company presents special advantages, the Port of Constanța being the largest seaport in the Black Sea and one of the most important ports of the European Community, included in the Pan-European Corridor IV. Constanța Port represents the main commercial access route between the countries of Central Asia and the European Community, but also the main transit port and storage and distribution hub between the countries bordering the Black Sea and the Middle East.

Our Company operates two multi-modal terminals:  General Cargo (Berth 53) & Liquid products (Berth 19 & Gate 4).


FRIAL S.A. is fully certificated for ISO standards and licensed for all handling operations.


Main operated cargoes: vegetable oils, grains, fertilizers and more

Berth 53 bulk cargo terminal: 

Location: This position offers a great advantage for our Customers, because it eliminates the transportation and intermediate handling of the operated goods, which would generate additional costs, the risk of damage to the goods, etc.

Access routes: Multimodal connections from terminal to the port’s main network; The terminal is served by three railway lines owned by FRIAL.

Services offered at Berth 53 / Bulk Terminal 

  • Loading – discharging of ships, barges, vehicles and train cars, storage, car weighing, sampling areas and sample storage.
  • Storage spaces: The warehouse from Berth 53 has an area of approx. 14,400 sqm, with a total storage capacity of approx. 25,000 tons.
  • The terminal in Berth 53 also has 2 uncovered storage platforms, one of which has an area of approx. 4,000 square meters and the maximum storage capacity of approx. 25,000 tons and the other of approx. 5000 sqm.


Liquid products terminal

Location: The liquid products terminal is operated by using two operational berths (no. 19 and no. 24) with a total length of 250 meters)

Services offered:

  • Ship to ship operations
  • 7 shore tanks
  • Total storage capacity: 27000 tons
  • Handling rate of 250 tons/hour
  • New facility for liquid products developed in 2023