Tomini Trading S.R.L.

Tomini Trading S.R.L.

Contact details

Identification details

  • Representative: Administrator Sarkis Devlatian
  • Sole Registration Code: 12439094
  • Trade Register Number: J13 /2083 /1999

TOMINI TRADING S.R.L., a company established and operating in the Port of Constanta, is an authorized economic operator for the collection and recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste.

The activity currently carried out includes:

  • Port operation
  • Manipulations
  • Storage of goods
  • Dismantling/disassembly/end-of-life machines and equipment services
  • Ship dismantling services
  • Real estate rental services
  • Collection and temporary storage of non-hazardous waste
  • Recovery of sorted recyclable materials
  • Wholesale of waste and scraps
  • Collection-treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste

The locations where we perform our activity are:

  • The “ADES” warehouse, owned by S.C.TOMINI TRADING S.R.L. – located in the main economic area of ​​Constanta Port, with an area of ​​29,335 square meters, with a concrete platform and an industrial hall opening to a multitude of access roads – both for road and rail transport.
  • Berths 89-90 with an area of ​​18,372 sqm, with direct and exclusive access to the sea, equipped according to the legal provisions in force

Our company owns a proper space, complying with the legal requirements in force regarding environmental protection – concrete platform, ramp with access to the sea, being thus a company authorized by the Romanian Environmental Protection Agency to carry out dismantling, removal and cutting activities, according to the industrial standards for tugboats, barges, ships, various floating installations.