Romcargo Maritim S.R.L.

Romcargo Maritim S.R.L.

Contact details

  • Constanta South Port, Gate No.10, Berth PL6, 900900, Constanta
  • Telephone: 031 6200600
  • Fax: 031 6200603
  • Email:
  • Website:

Identification details

  • Representative: Valentin Anton
  • Sole Registration Code: 18957842
  • Trade Register Number: J40/13558/2006

Business Areas & Background

Romcargo Maritim is a Romanian privately owned company having it’s core business RORO port operations in Constanta South Port . Established in 2006, Romcargo initiated a long-term investment plan for the first dedicated RO-RO terminal in the Constanta South Port, to address to the growing logistic needs of Romanian and foreign vehicle producers and importers. The RO-RO port operations began in 2008 and further increased, this year marking a 16 year activity . During the following years Romcargo grew in a fast pace becoming an important player in the logistic chain, connecting Romania with world-wide markets, currently providing port operations and related services to the major automotive companies such as Dacia & Renault, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Fiat, Peugeot and being able to issue and implement tailored made logistics solutions based on the specific requirements and quality standards of each client.

Key figures

Currently operating in PL6 terminal with a total stowage area of 100.000 sqm which translates into 6 600 parking slots, ISPS certified, 24/7 video surveillance and security points.

  • Vessel Berthing capacity : BPL6 – draught of 9m / L 200m ;
  • More than 80 fully trained employees in Constanta compound;
  • 4 direct rail-lines with suitable ramps into our compounds offering the possibility of discharging 2x trains simultaneously / Dedicated truck discharging area;
  • EDI world-wide tracking systems synchronized with our client’s software;
  • We have surpassed within 2021 the milestone of 1.5 million units operated.


Romcargo Maritim is a key player in the RO-RO industry, with a portfolio comprising of major automotive manufacturers with volumes constantly increasing, moreover having as strengths a successful business experience with multi-national companies and a proven track record, Romcargo aims to become a regional RO-RO hub terminal serving Eastern and Central Europe.