How to become a member

How to become a member

The status of member of the Association can be acquired upon the request of the applicant, with the approval of the Management Committee, with the majority of its members’ votes.


In order to become a member, the applicant must fulfill the following requirements imposed by the charter of the Organization:

  • Scope of activity criterion – a company which provides port services and adjacent operations;
  • Territorial criterion;
  • Mixed criterion – with the possibility of affiliation and economic agents performing trade activities and/or providing services by separately complying with one of the following conditions; – either the activities are performed within the perimeter of Constanta, Mangalia, Midia ports; – or the headquarters of the respective company is in the same port perimeter.

The members of the Organization can also be members in other similar organizations, incorporated according to Law no. 62/2011 on social dialog, without affecting the interests of any such organizations.

Necessary documents

In order to become a member, the applicant must submit the following documents to the Organization:

  • Enlistment application, to be filled in, signed and stamped by the legal representative;
  • Trade Register registration certificate (copy);
  • Tax registration certificate (copy);
  • Company charter (copy).
  • A brief description of your company’s activity

The enlistment application is submitted to the headquarters of the Organization, and is accompanied by the aforementioned documents, as true copies.

Your intention can be communicated online also by filling the form in the Contact section and you will be further contact, as soon as possible, by a representative of the Association.