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Identification details

  • Representative: Emilian Macarie
  • Sole Registration Code:16788356
  • Trade Register Number: J13/7624/2004

Euro River Transport, established in 2004, is a private company headquartered in the port of Constanța. Its main activity is the transportation of goods on inland waterways.

As a prestigious player in Romania’s river transport market, Euro River Transport offers a diverse range of services related to maritime and river transport. These services include:

  1. Handling of Propelled and Non-Propelled Units in Romanian ports on the Black Sea.
  2. Assistance to River Vessels during transit through the navigable channels connecting the Danube to the Black Sea and the Poartă Albă–Midia Năvodari route.
  3. Atmosphere Measurement in cargo compartments of tankers for navigation through the waterways.
  4. Mooring and Unmooring of Maritime Vessels at the Port of Constanța.

In 2023, the company expanded its portfolio by acquiring a floating dock dedicated to activities specific to smaller vessels, pushboats, tugs, and pleasure boats. This move is a precursor to streamlining and optimizing its fleet operations.

Throughout its 20 years of existence, Euro River Transport has been committed to providing services with high safety and quality standards. The company consistently attends to the needs of its clients, resulting in a stable portfolio that includes prestigious national and multinational companies. These clients handle substantial cargo volumes through Romania’s maritime and river ports.

Looking ahead, Euro River Transport aims to leverage its experience as a river operator and expand into the field of maritime transport.

Euro River Transport Fleet:

  1. River Cargo Transport:
    • The company operates a convoy consisting of the self-propelled river vessel RHEA and the non-propelled river unit 1074, with a total transport capacity of 2,104 tdw.
  2. Handling of Non-Propelled River Units:
    • Euro River Transport responds to requests with five river pushboats:
      • ROVINARI 25 – Main engine power: 2 x 400 HP
      • EURORIVER 2 – Main engine power: 2 x 360 HP
      • EURORIVER 3 – Main engine power: 2 x 575 HP
      • EURORIVER 4 – Main engine power: 2 x 400 HP
      • EURORIVER 5 – Main engine power: 2 x 400 HP
  3. Maritime and Coastal Towing Services:
    • Euro River Transport is currently reconstructing and retechnologizing the maritime tugboat EURORIVER 1, equipped with main engines of 2 x 500 HP.