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Harbor community moves its protests to the premises of the Ministry of Transports

Constanta, 24 March 2015

Having in view the lack of answer from the Ministry of Transports to all the problems of the harbor community, brought to the knowledge of the Ministry representatives on numerous occasions through a series of information notes, memoranda, letters, the two organizations representative at the level of the sectors of activity, “Water transport and service activities incidental to water transportation. Air transport and service activities incidental to air transportation” that initiated the protests of 9 March 2015 will go to Bucharest this week.

The Port Operator and the National Federation of Port Trade Unions shall thus meet the Minister of Transports, Mr. Ioan RUS, and ask the latter to speed up the initiated actions with a view to regulating the problems in respect of the port platform, having in view that these were notified to him ever since his nomination in June 2014 and, albeit solutions were also proposed, no concrete actions in that regard were initiated so far.

The two Organizations further deem utterly necessary the implementation of full structural changes regarding the management of CN APMC (due to the poor management, lack of professionalism and criminal deeds), this being the first step in establishing a dialogue path for the subsequent resolution of all issues regarding the execution of sub-concession agreements, maritime transport infrastructure lease agreements, regarding the tariff policy, transparency in the exploitation of the port domain and the Master Plan of the Port of Constanta.

At the same time, the harbor community believes that the Ministry of Transports is the only authority in the position to urgently remedy these problems (in its capacity of controlling shareholder of CN APM SA), and at the same time expresses the hope that the public manifestations would not represent in the future the only way whereby the relevant bodies become aware of the importance of such decisions.

As a consequence, Port Operator and the National Federation of Port Trade Unions shall further make any approaches necessary in order to ensure the taking of all the legal measures to get back to normality, observe the legitimate interests of all the parties involved in the harbor operations and avoid a national crisis following the adverse impacting as well of other important industrial sectors interconnected with the harbor operations.


About ”Port Operator” Constanta Employers Association
It is composed of 36 companies active in the harbor operations industry.
The member companies of the Employers Association have over 6,000 employees, which account for more than 60% of the total headcount in the harbor operations industry.
The operations of the member companies of the Employers Association contribute with over 85% to the revenues of the Administration of the Port of Constanta (CN APM).
The Employers Association’s operations brought about 2 million Euros to the local budget in the period 2011-2013, which accounts for about 30% of this budget.
The Employers Association contributed to the State budget with 45 million Euros in these 3 years (2011-2013).