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Harbor community furthers fight to streamline the activity of the Port of Constanta

Constanta, 4 June 2015

Pursuant to a series of approaches, following the coming together of the economic community of the Port of Constanta, whereby the problems facing it were highlighted, reflected by the jeopardizing of the competitiveness of the Port of Constanta, and also objective, pragmatic and pertinent solutions were proposed aimed at the actual and efficient resolution thereof,

The lack of response from the Ministry of Transport, the authority directly responsible for the proper regulation and operation of the Port of Constanta (a strategic national economic objective), notwithstanding the results of the inquiries performed by the relevant bodies, and also the absence of any solutions identified and applied by the relevant authorities, compels the two organizations representative for the harbor operations industry to publicly express their concern about the evolution of the Port of Constanta in the current regional political and economic context.

We consider that, in the context of the regional and international economic dynamics, against the background of new transport corridors taking shape in respect of the Port of Constanta hinterland, the Port of Constanta needs a new, transparent, trade oriented, modern, efficient approach, sensitive to the market evolution and clients’ needs, this being the only solution for maintaining its market position.

We thus maintain our position about the need for full structural changes at the level of the management of CN APMC, and for the appointment of a politically independent, professional, skilled management, having a managerial plan based on transparent performance indicators aimed at streamlining the activity of the Port of Constanta to the benefit of the national economy on short, medium and long term.

This would be the first step along the path of subsequent resolution of all the port platform related issues regarding the execution of sub-concession agreements, maritime transport infrastructure lease agreements, regarding the tariff policy, transparency in the exploitation of the port domain and the Master Plan of the Port of Constanta.

Thus, albeit the total lack of reaction from the Ministry of Transports and the weak involvement of the Government and President’s Office in remedying certain vital problems that might affect as well other industrial sectors interconnected with the harbor operations are obvious, the two representative Organizations shall further all the triggered legal proceedings currently pending before the courts, shall also continue the public events in compliance with the applicable legal regulations, and shall support the control bodies in their actions of verification and sanctioning of any ascertained unlawful actions regarding the activity of the harbor administration.

Dear Misters POLITICIENS, we reckon that, given your position and legal and moral responsibility tied with that, it is high time for you to direct your attention towards the Port of Constanta, and it is high time for you to change something for the better!!!

The problems highlighted by us are extremely serious, and postponing their resolution is likely to irreparably jeopardize the situation of the Port of Constanta. For the harbor community, the fight to attract and maintain the portfolio of clients is acerb, the competition of the Port of Constanta increases in the region, and our unilateral efforts cannot make up for the poor, non-economic and abusive conditions imposed by the authority of the Port of Constanta!

We have a port with a huge potential, underused, lacking a coherent commercial policy aimed at attracting investments and clients amidst an ever refining market, and we need to adjust to these new requirements.

It is impossible not to notice the countless abuses performed by the current management of the port, abuses that obviously hinder the national economy. The operators are leaving the Port of Constanta, and restructuring processes are implemented every other day. It is possible to avoid a major economic downturn in this area, since the economic potential of the Port of Constanta was confirmed over the time.

The solutions that have to be implemented are simple, and are available to the decision-making bodies. We remind the model of some European ports that have already went through similar phases, and have found the optimal solutions in favor and interest of the country, and not of some mercenaries poised to destroy a history.

As a consequence, the harbor community still awaits with interest the legal measures identified by the Ministry of Transports that are required in order to bring back to normal the activity of the Port of Constanta, and the exercise of the mediator’s role by the President of Romania in relation to a major problem facing the national economy.

The harbor community shall further fight for the streamlining of the Port of Constanta, and its adjustment to the requirements of a constantly developing market, campaigning for a top level port of the 2015 Europe! We shall use all the legal instruments to defend our rights and make ourselves heard, to ensure a normal and sustainable development of the Port of Constanta, an economic and strategic objective for Romania.


About ”Port Operator” Constanta Employers Association
It is composed of 36 companies active in the harbor operations industry.
The member companies of the Employers Association have over 6,000 employees, which account for more than 60% of the total headcount in the harbor operations industry.
The operations of the member companies of the Employers Association contribute with over 85% to the revenues of the Administration of the Port of Constanta (CN APM).
The Employers Association’s operations brought about 2 million Euros to the local budget in the period 2011-2013, which accounts for about 30% of this budget.
The Employers Association contributed to the State budget with 45 million Euros in these 3 years (2011-2013).