Oil Terminal S.A.

Oil Terminal S.A.

Contact details

  • Constanta, Str. Caraiman Nr. 2, 900117
  • Telephone: 0241 702600
  • Fax: 0241 694833
  • Email: office@oil-terminal.com
  • Website: www.oil-terminal.com

Identification details

  • Representative: Ciutureanu Viorel Sorin (General Director)
  • Sole Registration Code: 2410163
  • Trade Register Number: J13/512/1991

Representing a strategic location in the Black Sea area, S.C. Oil Terminal S.A. Constanta is the largest sea operator specialized in carrying crude oil, oil products, liquid petrochemical products and raw materials for import, export and transit.
S.C. Oil Terminal.S.A. Constanta is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, category II and has the OIL symbol on the stock exchange market.

Oil Terminal provides the following services:
– unloading crude oil, oil products and liquid chemical products from sea ships into tanks;
– unloading oil products and liquid chemical products from railway cisterns into tanks;
– unloading oil products and liquid chemical products from railway cisterns into sea ships / river barges by direct transshipment;
– loading crude oil, oil products and liquid chemical products from tanks to sea ships / river barges;
– unloading from a sea ship into another ship / barges by direct transshipment;
– tank storage.
These are some of the managed products: crude oil, black oil, diesel, gasoline, reactor oil, oils, caustic soda lye, liquid fertilizers, methanol, octanol, o-xylene, benzene, toluene, biodiesel, bioethanol.
Oil Terminal is connected by crude oil transportation pipelines to all the refineries in Romania.

Oil Terminal has storage facilities for storing oil products and an oil terminal located within the premises of Constanta Port.
The total storage capacity of Oil Terminal S.A. is approximately 1.7 million cubic meters distributed in three storage facilities (North, South and Port). The main storage capacities are at the South Storage Facility (900,00 m3), built in the early 70’s, which is also the largest from South-East Europe.
The oil terminal is located in mole 4 of Constanta Port, piers 69-79. It operates 7 operational piers, out of which 6 are 12.80 m in depth and 325 m in length – piers 69-76, and pier 79 is 17.50 m deep and 393 meters long, allowing the operation of ships with a capacity of up to 150,000 tdw.

Oil Terminal operator can provide a wide range of special operations, out of which:
– Oil Terminal has the only oil pier West of the Black Sea with a draft which can unload / load ships with a capacity of 150,000 tdw. As the cost of sea transportation is influenced by ship capacity, this facility of operating high-tonnage ships is beneficial to the traders / clients of Oil Terminal. High-capacity ships can be unloaded, and subsequently the commodities can be loaded in smaller ships, based on the reception possibilities from other ports.
– the pipeline network which connects the 7 oil piers between them ensures the possibility of performing cargo transshipments between two ships moored at two different piers;
– by mounting pumps on the quay of a pier, river barges loaded with gasoline can be unloaded;
– after unloading the gasoline and washing the barges, they are loaded with diesel and shipped by Danube to adjacent countries. Thus, barges are full all the time, which is beneficial to their owners.